• The Irish Times - Expert warns on cutbacks to crisis supports for women

    Governments that cut back on supports such as rape crisis counselling during times of economic crisis are “shooting themselves in the foot”, a global expert
  • How can sex workers negotiate condom use with their romantic partners?

    In early 2016, I met a group of female sex workers (FSWs) in Bagalkot district in Karnataka, India. The campaign statement for their Orange Day
  • Violence against women harms us all: will measuring the pain help prevent it?

    The effectiveness of economic empowerment programmes, poverty reduction programmes and others working to address inequality depend on the efforts to combat VAW, which is at
  • Despite A Trump Victory, I’m Still Hopeful About Eliminating Violence Against Women

    Dr. Emma Fulu from the What Works to Prevent Violence Against Women and Girls Global Programme has a published an article in the Huffington Post blog commemorating the
  • Home isn’t the only place women are abused

    Violence against women is bad for everyone. It disempowers female workers, lowers productivity, drives out talent, and badly damages the reputation of global brands.  It’s
  • Dedicated safe spaces for women are helping break the cycle of violence against women in Rwanda

    Despite a legal and policy framework supportive of gender equality and condemning violence against women, intimate partner violence (IPV) remains widespread in Rwanda. Indashyikirwa - an
  • New approach to tackling violence against women in Tajikistan

    International Alert is implementing a new approach to tackling violence against women and girls in rural Tajikistan, which takes into account traditional cultural practices in
  • Stanford researchers discuss study to break culture of sexual assault

    Stanford researchers have found that trainings designed for young girls focusing on empowerment and for young boys focusing on gender norms have decreased sexual violence in
  • From Davos to Dadaab: What World Leaders Can Learn From Three Women in Iraq, Uganda and Kenya

    International leaders met in Davos, Switzerland, at the annual World Economic Forum to discuss global issues, with a focus on this year’s theme of "Responsive and
  • We Cannot Achieve Gender, Racial And Economic Equality Just Through Self-Empowerment

    The theme for International Women’s Day 2017 was Be Bold for Change. An important part of that change is having more women of colour in
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