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What Works: Violence Against Women and Girls in Conflict and Humanitarian Crises

Component 2 of the What Works programme is building evidence on how to prevent and respond to violence against women and girls (VAWG) in conflict and humanitarian crises.

There is growing recognition of the scale and scope of violence against women and girls in these settings. However, existing rigorous evidence is limited, holding back the humanitarian community from implementing the most effective prevention and response strategies.

Six research studies are being conducted to produce rigorous research and evidence on:

·         the prevalence, forms, trends, and drivers of VAWG;
·         effective VAWG prevention and response in conflict and humanitarian settings; and
·         how to carry out safe, ethical, and rigorous research in conflict and humanitarian settings.
In addition, the programme will:
build the capacity of researchers and practitioners in VAWG research methods and practices, and;

engage key stakeholders in research uptake, to ensure that evidence is available to and utilised by policy makers, service providers and programme practitioners.