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Education is a Conversation

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Education is a Conversation



The Programme

Education is a Conversation uses narratives and storytelling to involve communities in transforming public and private conversations and interactions between and amongst intimate partners, families, friends, community members, adults and youth in order to prevent and reduce VAWG and improve sexual and reproductive health.

The narratives focus on forced marital sex, forced child marriage, child defilement, defilement of a school girl by a teacher, sexual harassment, sexual and reproductive health communication between adults and youth, abuse of widows and women with only girl-children, abuse of pregnant teenagers, rape of internally displaced girls, violence caused by rumormongering, alcohol drinking, peer pressure, sexual disease as well as other sexual and reproductive health problems related to VAWG. Participants engaged in the programme work in learning groups to critically reflect on issues raised.

The programme then tracks improvements in communication between partners, in parent to child communication, and in individuals’ abilities to speak out and act to prevent VAWG.

Research and how it will benefit the field of prevention

This research will add to knowledge of approaches that work to prevent violence against women and girls, particularly approaches that focus on cultural context and change brought about by enhancing people’s capabilities and willingness to respond individually and collectively to real challenges of VAWG in ways that make sense. CNP, as it transforms shame, reduces VAWG and ways that VAWG intersects with sexual, reproductive and mental health. An impact evaluation of CNP in Northern Uganda will do much to demonstrate the importance and respect that cultural context and emotions must be given and why. This will in turn provide valuable information and insights into how VAWG can be transformed through storytelling and a highly participatory pedagogy relations and interactions that sustain, aggravate and cause VAWG can be transformed.

The Organisation

The intervention is led by the CARITAS Gulu Archdiocese, in partnership with Advocates for Research in Development Africa and the Forum for Kalongo Parish Women Associations.

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