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Using Innovative Media to End Violence against Women and Girls through Community Education and Outreach

Project Title

Using Innovative Media to End Violence against Women and Girls through Community Education and Outreach

The Organisation

Ma’an Network

Geographic Location

Occupied Palestinian Territories

Summary of Intervention / Research

Ma'an Network has designed a three-year project to reduce the incidence of violence against women and girls in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT). The project aims to change social norms so that violence against women and girls (VAWG) is less tolerated, and therefore less prevalent, in Palestinian society. The project strategically combines the powerful influence and reach of media with evidence-backed methodologies and VAWG prevention expertise from the OPT to create impactful edutainment programming.

Over the course of three years, Ma’an Network is establishing a Gender Unit at its offices in the West Bank, creating in-house VAWG experts to guide the project’s activities. This Unit is working in close coordination with local women’s rights organisations to design campaign messaging, aid in message development formative research, and provide critical feedback on media content. Having begun at the start of this year, the project is undertaking qualitative, formative research that will inform programming content, storylines, and scripts. This research will be adapted into three different media programmes, including a scripted drama series, a sketch comedy programme, and a national multimedia campaign all aiming to change social norms that tolerate violence against women and girls.

The communication strategy utilizes edutainment, which has had proven success in influencing social norms in other contexts, to show the harmful effects of VAWG across the ecological model, model gender-equal behaviours, and engage the community in critical debate and reflection on the social norms that tolerate VAWG.

Major Timeframes

January – June 2016: Qualitative formative research

July – September 2016: Message development, scriptwriting, and pretesting

October – December 2016: Baseline evaluation

January – June 2017: Production of two edutainment programmes, including a sketch comedy programme and drama series, and production and broadcast of a national, multimedia campaign

July – September 2017: Broadcasting of edutainment programmes and community engagement activities

October – December 2017: Endline evaluation

Key Contact

Alexa Stevens, Project Manager, Ma'an Network

Email: alexa@maannet.org

www.maannet.org (currently under construction)

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