Capacity Building training with Civil Activist Capacity Building training with Civil Activist

Prevention of Violence Against Women and Girls

Project Title

Prevention of Violence Against Women and Girls

The Organisation

Help the Afghan Children - HTAC

Geographic Location

HTAC is working in Afghanistan, Jawzjan Province in four districts (Sheberghan, KhujaDoko, Aqcha and Faiz Abad)

Summary of Intervention / Research

The Preventing Violence Against Women and Girls (PVAWG) project is being implemented in four districts of Jawzjan province and includes peace education for boys and girls at the school level, and community conflict resolution and peace building training among influential and religious leaders and CSO women representatives. HTAC will also be working with 50 school teachers in twenty schools who have been trained in HTAC peace education curriculum. In response they are responsible for teaching this program to 3,500 students (1,500 girls and 2,000 boys). To raise awareness among community members who are not reached through direct activities, HTAC is disseminating radio round table discussions where religious leaders, civil society activists and government officials are invited to talk about women rights and the prevention of violence against women and girls. HTAC will also design and disseminate radio dramas (80 episodes) that will focus on how conflict and violence occurs and strategies to prevent violence before it happens.   

 Research Objectives 

  1. To determine whether children attending schools with the HTAC intervention report reduced violence victimisation and perpetration, inequitable gender attitudes and increased mental wellbeing over two years of the programme
  2. To determine whether teachers who are trained in the HTAC intervention and who teach it improve their life satisfaction, work satisfaction, gender attitudes, classroom management, sense of hope, alter use of corporal punishment

Major Timeframes

The project will run over a 3 year period from 2016 and end line results are expected in the first quarter of 2018

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Key Contacts

  1. Mr. Mohammad Osman Hemat, Executive Director
  2. Mr. Naqibullah Hamdard, Managing Director
  3. Ms. Julienne Corboz, What Works Technical Advisor
  4. Mr. Abdul Wahid Siddiq, Programme Manager, PVAWG
  5. Mr. Sayed Fariduddin Farid, Finance Manager
  6. Ms. Sheeda Rasoli, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

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