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12 June 2018

Student Corner: Developing Effective Methods of Preventing Sexual Assault in Rural Kenya

Gender-based sexual violence is pandemic—preventing it seems almost impossible. But Clayman Institute Faculty Research Fellow Mike Baiocchi’s new research proves intervention and prevention are possible.

In his Faculty Research Fellows (FRF) presentation, “Establishing an Empirical Foundation for Preventing Gender-Based Violence,” Baiocchi delivered a comprehensive overview of the crucial, multi-year research that he and his team—Clea Sarnquist, a senior research scholar at the Stanford Global Child Health Program in the Department of Pediatrics, and his colleagues at the Stanford Gender-Based Violence Prevention Collaborative—have conducted in an effort to uncover the root causes of sexual violence in order to create interventions to end the pandemic. Earlier findings from this research were presented by Baiocchi and Sarnquist at the Clayman Institute’s 2017 winter symposium on “Breaking the Culture of Sexual Assault.”

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