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16 April 2015

What Works Induction Meeting strengthens Prevention Programmes

Technical leads from the Global Programme consortium partners met with researchers and managers from the What Works grantees, to set into motion the process of learning and working together.

The Induction Meeting, held in Istanbul in January provided grantees with an introduction to best practices toward designing and implementing prevention research and projects, from globally recognised leaders in the field.

“It was incredibly exciting to have representatives from all of the innovative and ground-breaking projects in the same room together, and see them sharing knowledge and experiences with each other,” said the What Works Global Programme’s Technical Lead, Dr. Emma Fulu.

“Apart from building technical capacity, the purpose of the event was to build relationships, and foster collaboration. I hope that by the end, the grantees saw that this programme isn’t just about the individual projects, but rather, that by producing evidence from such a diverse range of interventions and context we will be able to make major advancements in understanding what works to prevent violence.”

Grantees were given guidance on evidence-based approaches to developing prevention programmes and approaches to measuring and working to shift social norms on gender and violence, attitudes and beliefs. Projects were also guided through processes to develop a Theory of Change to underpin their work, and challenged to extend their research styles in line with the latest approaches for collecting qualitative and quantitative data on VAWG.

“We have a much more formal project design now,” said Lee Paiva of the Ujamaa project, following the meeting. A sentiment also expressed by Alexa Stevens of OPT’s Ma’an Television Network, “Our project changed and was strengthened. Our thinking behind the project has been rigorously tested and is based on what has been proven.”

Out of the meeting, What Works will establish capacity development plans and tools, to provide projects with ongoing support.

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