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06 July 2015

The Huffington Post - My Husband, The One That Does All the Messy, Repetitive, Exhaustingly Relentless Work That is Childcare

I am writing this blog from a stunning villa in Umbria, looking out on the ancient city of Todi, which at this moment emerges from an ocean of mist like an island. My three young children are at home in Australia with my husband, their father. Sadly, having just relocated our family across the world, we felt incapable of enduring the torture of another long-haul flight with three kids and weeks of jetlag to enjoy this moment as a family. My husband gallantly volunteered to stay home so I could still be a bridesmaid at one of my most beloved friend's wedding. What a gift.

Each year Save the Children produce a State of the World's Mothers report and UNICEF a State of the World's Children report, which closely examines key issues affecting mothers and children respectively, yet there has been no comparable report that brings together similar international data and information about fathers and fatherhood - until now. Today the State of the World's Fathers, which is published by The MenCare Campaign (Promundo, Sonke Gender Justice, Save the Children, Rutgers, and the MenEngage Alliance), was released.

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