This study will capture the economic and social impacts of violence against women and girls on individuals, households, communities and whole countries. It focuses on Pakistan, Ghana and South Sudan, but its findings will have relevance for all low and middle income countries, including those experiencing violent conflict. We are devising new tools to assess the impacts of violence on societies. Our research will provide strong evidence of the cost of inaction on VAWG, in order to inform policies and budgets of governments and businesses. At present, such evidence is lacking, particularly at the macro level, and in low and middle income countries.

Ghana | Gender Studies and Human Rights Documentation Centre

The COMBAT model developed over a decade ago by the Gender Centre as part of a rural response to VAWG has been implemented in over 20 communities in different regions of Ghana. Community Based Action Teams (COMBAT), with equal representation of men and women, will be selected and trained on types, causes and impact of VAW, family laws, conflict resolution, advocacy and counselling.