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Hossain, M., Pearson, R. J., McAlpine, A., Bacchus, L. J., Spangaro, J., Muthuri, J., Muuo, S., Franchi, G., Hess, T., Bangha, M., Izugbara, C. (2020). Gender-based violence and its association with mental health among Somali women in a Kenyan refugee camp: a latent class analysis. J Epidemiol Community Health. ePub: This study sought to understand the interaction between current violence and past conflict-related violence with ongoing mental health to help improve mental health service provision in refugee camps. [Source:  London School of Economics].

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Hossain, M., Pearson, R., McAlpine, A., Bacchus, L., Muuo, S. W., Muthuri, S. K., Spangaro, J., Kuper, H., Franchi, G., Pla Cordero, R., Cornish-Spencer, S., Hess, T., Bangha, M. and Izugbara, C. (2020) “Disability, violence, and mental health among Somali refugee women in a humanitarian setting,” Global Mental Health. Cambridge University Press, 7, p. e30. doi: 10.1017/gmh.2020.23.

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